If you aren't bothered then perhaps
you should be.

If it didn't bother you would you bother to do anything...?
a consideration of the significance of disturbance.

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High Heels and Short Skirts.

Disturbing Times

Fault and Free Will

More people on the planet than ever, make ever more demands for their "fair share" of limited resources. The balance of nature, a potentially ideal balance to ensure the survival of a thriving whole more than just threatened, manifestly failing, waiting for the stupidity of humanity to self destruct and allow nature to rebuild harmony and wholeness.

Is that how it really is? Disturbing times brought to a head by free-willing humans trying to put the fault on the foolishness of others? Humanity dominated by failed political systems that countenance war as a "solution" to intractable disagreements? The advent of a potentially catastrophic/humanity-saving technology springing from the most irrationally named development in the history of science- Artificial Intelligence...


The Body of Creation

Human beings live together convinced they are separate individuals. The life they lead could not happen without overwhelming cooperation, which the individuals may be well aware of, but the sensation of self creates another, powerful adversary, the Other.

This Other is characterised by an inability to share its personal sensations, the Other cannot allow you to feel its pain, you cannot appreciate what it experiences. The lack of experience is in the isolated individual, whose isolation allows for personal sensations but cannot sense the equivalent in the Other. Put another way, it is our inability to hear anothers thoughts, feel anothers pain, or see through anothers eyes than creates the isolated individual.

Overcoming this experiential divide is the meaning of life.


Hidden in plain sight Moloch has been identified as a Devil that is creating more havok today than it did when acccused of favouring child sacrifice in biblical times.
Child sacrifice is the ultimate in human stupidity and can perhaps only be understood in the context of what is referred to as the Human Condition.

Un-wetting The Fish

Something that has always bothered me is why people are so convinced that water is wet. Learning a language is childs play but saying what you mean is not the same as meaning what you say.
This section is about why you are unlikely to ever know the "truth", why science can be so right and so wrong at the same time and why the self-evident is a terrifying illusion.


On a personal note, I find men in short skirts and children in high heels quite distrubing.

The illustration above, an image of professional pianist Yuja Wang I find exticing and atractive on multiple levels.

Death and Life

For those who find offence in the naked human form perhaps the best advice comes in a simple expression "Get a life". Life is dominated by the need for security.

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